IT Kraut

IT Kraut

Sublime Text Keyboard Shortcuts

  Mac Win Linux
goto anything... p ctrl p filename opens filename
 :382 goto line 382 ( ctrl G)
@function goes to function ( ctrl R)
#searchterm search in the actual file
Command Palette P ctrl P
Auto Complete ctrl Space ctrl Space
open last closed file T ctrl T
jump to function definition F12
switch between tabs ctrl PageUp / PageDown


go to end of line ENDE
go to beginning of line POS1
go to end of file ctrl Ende
go to beggining of file ctrl POS1


Column Selection Middle Mouse Button with mouse
ctrl ↓ / ↑ ctrl Alt ↓ / ↑ → / ← with keyboard (attention conflict with mission control in yosemite)
expand to Line L ctrl L
expand to Word D ctrl D
expand to Brackets ctrl M ctrl M
expand to Indentation J ctrl J
expand to Tag A ctrl A
Alignment ctrl A Ctrl Alt A


Single Column 1 Alt 1
Two Columns 2 Alt 2
Toggle Sidebar ⌘K ⌘B ctrl-k ctrl-b
open file two times side by side Alt 2,
"New View into File"
ctrl Package SimpleClone must be installed


Toogle Bookmark F2 ctrl F2
Next Bookmark F2 F2
Prev Bookmark F2 F2


Cut Line X ctrl X ctrl X
Delete Line ctrl K ctrl K
Moves Line Up/Down ctrl ↓ / ↑ ctrl ↓ / ↑ ctrl ↓ / ↑
Select Line L ctrl L ctrl L
Goto Line Number ctrl G ctrl G ctrl G
Duplicate Line ↓ / ↑

Text Transform

to Uppercase ⌘K ⌘U ctrl-K ctrl-U
to Lowercase ⌘K ⌘L ctrl-K ctrl-L


close HTML Tag . Alt .
wrap selection with tag ctrl W ctrl W
HTML Prettify H HTML-CSS-JS Prettify must be installed